Saturday, August 18, 2007


Shelby chases sheep
He gets them all together
So they all can play

The drawing of Shelby is a compilation of the Shelty dogs with whom I spent my childhood... and my parent's current Shelties, Elvis and Foxy. My first Shelty was named Bough Bough (yes, I named her myself when I was 2). Sugar bear, a collie / samoyed mix joined us when Bough was something of a senior girl. Sugar was my introduction to the northern breeds...which may explain the three Siberian Huskies who currently live with me! Later, we welcomed Paddington into the family. He was a sweet little Shelty puppy boy who someone had left chained to a tree in my Grandparent's neighborhood.

Shelties love to herd sheep...and cats and bunnies and anything else they can find to round up! When I was a child, Bough helped be capture my bunnies, Bonny and Clyde, on more than one occasion when they had escaped their hutch. I even remember her herding mice in the garage!

This little haiku (haicooo) poem brings back so many happy memories of my best childhood friends! I hope your children enjoy it as much as I do!

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