Friday, August 10, 2007


Frosty's* nose is cold
So she cuddles up with me
Now we both are warm

*Frosty was already an elderdog when she came to live with the Armstrong family. She is gone now, but her joy and love live on.

Frosty was the inspiration for the first Haicooo poem that was written. She was our dog... although she was never officially our dog. She came to us from a shelter where her family has abandoned her at 12+ years of age...they were moving and couldn't keep her. No one wanted her. We certainly didn't need another dog, but we work with a husky rescue and it is up to us to help the ones that no one else wants. So we brought her home. From the moment she walked in the house, she knew she was staying! We kept saying "she's a foster dog", but she knew she was staying! Frosty lived with us for over two years until left us at 15. She was never officially adopted, but she was never anything but OUR dog!


The Army of Four said...

This is our most favorite Haicooo of all time!

Holly said...

Reminds me of mom's second rescue Shula. She was 13 1/2 when mom rescued her and knew she would keep her. She lived to be 16 and was a wonderful girl. Mom still misses her very much. Mom says the Ao4's Stormy reminds her a lot of Shula. They could almost be mother an daughter.