Thursday, November 15, 2007

Foxes and Bobcats and Wolves...oh my!

Farrah is so cute
That we always stare at her
This makes Farrah shy

I've always loved animals...all animals, but especially dogs and cats and their WILD relations!

Last week, my husband and I had the wonderful experience of visiting the Lakota Wolf Preserve for a photographic tour! What an incredible day! We spent several hours admiring and photographing not only the wolves, but foxes and bobcats too. We are already planning a photo session!! They are also situated on a campground so we will be taking our RV and our 2 year old daughter for an overnight adventure and a wolf watch. I see a wolf pack haicooo on the horizon...

Haicooo goes to the Zoooooo has been pushed back a bit as my work at the hospital and my father's sculpting have put both of us behind schedule...I'm thinking maybe a Spring release...stay tuned!

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Milou said...


I like your Haiku's. Did you make the pictures too....they are lovely:-)

Have a great day,